A cough can be distinguished by its sound, either:

  • DRY (Dry or tickly cough with an absence of excess mucus. Also referred to as an unproductive cough), or
  • CHESTY (Chesty cough with a presence of excess mucus. Also referred to as a wet or productive cough)

This dry or wet symptom can help you identify the underlying problem and select an appropriate cough medicine.

If a cough becomes persistent, you should see a healthcare professional e.g. Pharmacist or Doctor.

The main difference between a ‘DRY’ & ‘CHESTY’ cough is the over production of mucus.

Mucus is a normal watery secretion lining the airways

If you have a common cold from a viral or bacterial infection, the infection can turn the mucus into phlegm.

  • In a Dry cough – phlegm is usually not present
  • In a Chesty cough – phlegm is present